We created our own happyhappyjoyjoy brand recipe: T.R.A.V.E.L. Because born from travelling, happyhappyjoyjoy in itself is a trip to Asia’s heart and soul of street food. Scroll down to learn more about the meaning of this magical word.


It’s reflecting Asia’s greatest, in a collection dishes of products where you can never go wrong but you might get hot. Our taste is: authentic, fresh, surprising and comforting.


It’s the buzz. The glow, the brightness, the lights, the colors, the spice. All elements blended to create an unobvious masterpiece of chaos that pulls you to the far East. Our radiance is: explosive, daring, vibrant, energetic, unobvious and cheerful.


It’s the joy and the spice of life. Adventure nourishes us and makes us come alive, as it expands the boundaries of our comfort zone and leaves us hungry for more. Our adventure is: witty, ambitious, modern, confident and happy.


It’s all about family vibes. Because together is better and great experiences taste so much nicer when shared. Our vibe is: social, casual, inviting, family engagement, sharing and warmth.


It’s a happy experience as a standard, certified by the happyhappyjoyjoy read thread. Our experience is: unique, genuine, welcoming, always there, consistency and credible.


It started as a restaurant. But over a noodle soup, we like to dream about what’s to come. One day happyhappyjoyjoy may include supermarket sauces, merchandise cookbooks and food trucks. Our lifestyle is: creativity, trust, power, passion and inspiration.