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Yippee! We’ve got some big news to share with you from our little corner of paradise! As we’re big fans of art, culture and all things Asian, we’re very proud to announce our partnership with Elephant Parade, a global organization that puts art and creativity to work for elephants! With them, we share our deep dedication to protecting these magnificent creatures, and we’re convinced that art can make a big difference! We tell you all about our collaboration with Elephant Parade, and how you too can join us in supporting this worthy cause!

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Elephants in peril

Well, friends, we’ve got to tell you, the situation of elephants in Asia is really critical. In the past, elephants lived in freedom over vast territories, but now they are in a desperate situation! Their natural habitat is in serious difficulty due to deforestation, mushrooming cities and sprawling fields. All this means that humans are squatting on their territory, which inevitably leads to human-elephant conflicts.

And let’s face it, elephants get a real kick out of the tourism industry! In some places, they’re forced to carry heavy loads or do the tourist’s rounds, and it really hurts them! Imagine, it’s not just their physical health that suffers, it’s their mental and emotional health too. We don’t want to dampen your spirits, but circuses and entertainment with elephants are really not cool either, contributing to their suffering.

And worst of all is the illegal ivory trade. It’s a real nuisance! Poaching for ivory is big business, and there’s a demand for it all over the world. As a result, thousands of elephants are dying, and they’re on the verge of disappearing forever!

The birth of Elephant Parade

The story of Elephant Parade is too touching! In 2006, founders Marc and Mike Spits were deeply moved by the plight of elephants in Asia. They came up with the crazy idea of creating a global initiative, using art to raise awareness and funds for elephant conservation.  

In 2007, the very first elephant parade took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Each elephant is a unique work of art, hand-painted by talented artists. These artists really do have something magical in their fingers, they tell incredible stories, they stir our emotions and they urge us to take action to save these formidable elephants. Since then, Elephant Parade has become the world’s largest open-air art parade, all dedicated to elephants! They’ve toured the globe, from London to Bangkok, from São Paulo to Hong Kong, with their brightly colored elephant parades, painted by all-too-famous international artists! 

elephant paint by the artist
Happyhappy birthday

Art that saves lives

At Happyhappyjoyjoy, we’re mega-convinced that art can make a difference! And Elephant Parade is exactly that! That’s why we loved getting close to them and becoming their friends! They use art as a powerful weapon to raise awareness and funds to protect elephants worldwide. Their collection of colorful elephants, painted by super-talented artists, tells crazy stories that touch our hearts! 

Our commitment in complicit mode

As Elephant Parade partnership, we’re lucky enough to present an exclusive collection of elephants in our Happyhappyjoyjoy restaurant! And here’s a secret: these elephants are pure art! Each elephant is a unique work of art, a real gem, a testament to the artists’ talent and commitment to the elephant cause. And frankly, it adds a real pep to our decor, bringing color and joy everywhere, to the delight of our guests!


elephant paint by the artist

How you can join us in the adventure

Friends, you’re in for a treat! As friends of Elephant Parade , we’ve got a sick offer in store for you! Until August 31, 2023, you’ve got the green light to take advantage of a 10% discount on the purchase of one of Elephant Parade’s beautiful, colorful elephants using the code HAPPYHAPPY10.

You can’t miss it! It’s a golden opportunity to own a piece of stunning art in your own home, while supporting elephant conservation. Each elephant in the collection is a pure treasure, hand-painted by gifted artists. By adopting one of these elephants, you make a direct donation to the elephant conservation programs supported by Elephant Parade.


Kids go wild with Elephant Parade

Come on, little buddies, we’ve got a crazy surprise for your birthdays! At Happyhappyjoyjoy, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our brand new birthday party package: “Paint your own elephant”!  

This package is total fun! We’ve put together the perfect combo of delicious Asian specialities and fun-filled artistic activities. You’ll be able to have the time of your life with your mates, while letting your creativity run riot by painting your very own elephant, inspired by Elephant Parade’s incredible creations.  

We’ll treat you to a crazy menu specially concocted for you kids. We promise to set your taste buds on fire!  

And after enjoying our Asian delights, it’s off to art turbo mode! Each child will leave with an all-white elephant, ready to be transformed into a unique work of art. You’ll have a great choice of colors, brushes galore, and everything you need to let your imagination run wild. Our experienced animators will guide you through this fun and creative experience. 

Email us at info@happyhappyjoyjoy.net or call us on +31 (0)20 504 3636 for more info.  

We’re going to set the world on fire with art, food and fun at Happyhappyjoyjoy and Elephant Parade! 

elephant paint by the artist