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Happyhappy birthday

The happiest day of the year, your birthday! At Happyhappyjoyjoy we love birthdays and hosting birthday parties. This day is all about you and we want to make you feel special. Hysterical birthday parties with great street food, fun company and Asian booze is totally our style.

When you visit our restaurant for your birthday, we are happy to offer you 1 dessert on the house, as birthday gift of course, and we’ll make sure to decorate your table. We will make it a birthday to remember,  trust us! Drop a note in your reservation to let us know it is your birthday.

Want to go all out this year? Say no more! Our team consists of real party hosting fanatics, and nothing is too crazy for us. Send us an email to discuss all the possibilities.

Spending your special day at Happyhappyjoyjoy will make it a birthday to remember, we’ll make sure of that.

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