Win a trip to Asia

The Happy Challenge 

Happyhappyjoyjoy challenges you to try NOT to smile while eating a bao. Mission impossible, don’t you think? Whoever does this the best wins a trip to Asia for a dose of instant happiness.

Only in February

How it works

  1. Get your bao

2. Take a bite at our photobooth in one of our restaurants

3. Share your moment on Instagram or Facebook and tag happyhappyjoyjoy

The Happy rules

  • The photo from our photobooth must be added to your social media account. A small reminder: make your photo as crazy and outstanding as possible
  • Happyhappyjoyjoy needs to be tagged in it
  • Price includes flight tickets and €1500 euro pocket money for 2 people. A place to stay is at own cost
  • The flight (including times) are picked by the travel organization
  • It’s not allowed to change the flight (including times)
  • It’s not allowed to give this trip to somebody else

Win a trip to Asia